Welcome to "De Zonnewijzerkring"

(Netherlands′ Sundial Society)

The Society promotes the advancement of gnomonics and the dissemination of knowledge on the construction and functioning of sundials and related instruments.

The activities of the Netherlands′ Sundial Society include:

  • the publication of the quarterly journal ZON & TIJD (in cooperation with the Sundial Society of Flanders) with a wide range of articles in Dutch. It usually comprises 30-40 pages in full color. It is available on paper as well as in digital form. It has an English summary of the contents which is available via the option Journal Contents above (from 1998 onward).

  • three meetings annually in a central location. It will start with an invited talk, followed by an informal section, in which all members can present projects and findings, and discuss gnomonic matters;

  • a day trip in the summer, in which we visit interesting sundials;

  • an introductory gnomonics course, using a guided self-study method;

  • providing advice on the design, construction and restoration of sundials;

  • recording unique sundials in the country;

  • maintaining contact with sister organizations abroad, exchanging journals.