The Netherlands' Sundial Society

(De Zonnewijzerkring)



De Zonnewijzerkring
Tichelkuilen 200
NL-7206 BM  Zutphen
The Netherlands




Hans Stikkelbroeck, chairman  
Hans Schipper, secretary
Peter de Groot, treasurer
Astrid van der Werff, archives
Eric Daled, editor
Frans Maes, webmaster and editor


Bank account


IBAN: NL02 INGB 0000 5188 37

De Zonnewijzerkring, Ankeveen (NL)


Objectives of the Netherlands' Sundial Society

  • Practising the art of GNOMONICS, in order to advance the knowledge and understanding of the functioning of sundials and related instruments (calculation, construction, design)
  • Recording and cataloguing of sundials in the Netherlands
  • Conservation of existing ancient sundials and stimulation of their restoration
  • Popularization of sundials and related instruments.